Deborah Hall - Business Television Presenter


Deborah was trained by BBC News as a journalist and broadcaster.  In the 12 years she was a presenter and reporter she fronted:  London Plus, Newsroom SouthEast,  Business Breakfast, Breakfast Time special weather reports and National News Summaries  (BBC-1).

Deborah was a news anchor on BBC World for a total of six years, and played the newsreader in the highly acclaimed BBC-1 drama series State of Play.


Deborah brings energy and a professional gloss to Business TV programmes. She makes corporate messages sound lively and interesting - her interviewing appears testing and yet she is highly skilled at coaxing impressive performances from her interviewees, whether they be project leaders or CEOs.

Corporate quarterly & monthly TV programmes as Studio Anchor: Deborah Hall - Business Television Presenter

‘Performance in Perspective’ for BP
Skin Health Google Hangout for Lloyds Pharmacy
‘Grapevine’ - for Unipart
‘The Surveyors’ Channel’ and ‘The Architects' Channel’ for the Royal Institute of British Architects on monthly subscription and via the internet to professional bodies
‘The Risk Channel’ for the London and worldwide insurance market
‘On Board’ for the NHS in London.
‘Vision’ and ‘GSTV’ for BT
‘The Law Channel’ and ‘The Accountants’ Channel’ for The Einstein Network.