Inspirational Communications: Presenting with Style and Confidence

AGENDA 0900-1730

Creating Impact
  • outline course objectives

  • assess your customary attention to preparation

  • the Key to Success in life: discover the answer in an exercise

  • factors that determine your impact

  • Identify the brand and personal qualities you want to project

Short Presentations and Feedback
  • Each delegate gives a 3-minute, work-related presentation

  • We all give feedback in the WIN formula: precise, confidence building and constructive; a great method to take back for use in workplace

WHAT YOU SAY: Bringing Content to Life
  • make concepts resonate: use 3-part sequencing & tips from journalists

  • make data make sense

  • manage Q & A with confidence

  • memory pattern quiz revealing human brains are all wired the same, so we can pre-determine what the audience remembers

  • use these triggers to 'BRIBE' your presentation & make it memorable

  • building blocks: a clear, easy to follow structure

HOW YOU SAY IT: Using your Body and Voice
  • PowerPoint vs the Power of You

  • body language - Oak Trees and Magic Triangles

  • voice and body warm up

  • tonal quality, diction, light and shade

  • energising presentations with vocal punctuation

  • Influence and persuade your audience without them realising

Being in the Right Frame of Mind
  • control nerves, re-energise, visualise success

Individual Coaching
  • one-to-one tutoring to develop personal style & confidence

  • discover your individual strengths as a presenter

  • specific tips for you to take forward using WIN formula

Mind Map Review of Learning and discover how to "Ditch the Script"