Through the Glass Ceiling: Presentation Skills for the Successful Business Woman

AGENDA 0900-1730

Creating Impact
  • assess your customary attention to preparation

  • ice-breaker 'The Story of Your Name'

  • the Key to Success in life: discover the answer

  • what determines your impact?

  • identify your personal and company Brand Values

  • 3-part journalistic structure for memorable & authoritative communication

  • application in meetings, presentations, client interactions - practical exercise

  • media training techniques for impressive interview skills

  • persuasive body language to win audiences over without them realising

WHAT YOU SAY: Bringing Content to Life in a Presentation
  • memory pattern quiz revealing human brains are all wired the same, so we can pre-determine what the audience remembers

  • use these triggers to 'BRIBE' your presentation & make it memorable

  • building blocks: a clear, easy to follow structure (filmed)

  • Playback and feedback using 'WIN' formula

HOW YOU SAY IT: Project Authority & Warmth, Get Your Voice Heard
  • personal image - dress the part & ensure you reflect your Brand Values

  • body language - Oak Trees and Magic Triangles

  • varying the levels of energy

  • the value of accents

  • tonal quality, diction, light and shade

  • increase authority through depth, range and tone of voice

  • Get Your Voice Heard in a board meeting - how to interrupt & take the floor

Being in the Right Frame of Mind
  • control nerves, re-energise, visualise success
Individual Coaching
  • one-to-one tutoring to develop personal style & confidence
  • discover your individual strengths as a presenter

  • specific tips for you to take forward

Mind Map Review of Learning
  • Added bonus: 'ditch the script' & speak without notes